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In an effort to enhance the value of our present and future clients’ businesses, RSW/US creates a variety of value-added eBooks and white papers each year. The results provide an objective view of the Agency and Client world. The insights can be of potential value to your own internal efforts to strengthen your business and brand.

The RSW/US-Mirren 2014 New Business Tools Report

Our goal for this report, now in its second year, is to provide comparisons, perspective and insight into the new business tools your peers are using for new business. The Annual Report summarizes information gleaned from close to 350 agency executives on the effectiveness of a wide variety of new business tools they use to [...]

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Put On That Damn Sales Hat eBook

“Put On That Damn Sales Hat” is an agency new business primer for marketing services firms, full of tips to ensure firms wear their “sales hats” with purpose and confidence. Our eBook is based on a blog series of the same name by RSW/US Owner/President Mark Sneider. In it, Mark covers everything from pre-prospecting preparation to [...]

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2013 RSWUS-BOLO Highlights-Agency New Business Questions and Perspective ebook

The original agency new business questions in this ebook came from a group of agencies who took part in a luncheon at the 2013 BOLO digital conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Agencies were asked to provide one prominent agency new business challenge or question, and initial discussions around each began at the luncheon. Time went quickly, [...]

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RSW/US 06/12/13 Webinar Slide Deck: The Definitive Guide-The 4 Agency New Business Tools You Need To Succeed

In this slide deck that accompanies our June 12th webinar, RSW/US Director of Business Development Lee Mcknight Jr. discusses findings from our latest survey report, “The Definitive Guide to Agency New Business Tools,” created with Mirren Business Development. More specifically, with so many tools available, Lee discusses the 4 key tools RSW/US recommends for agencies [...]

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RSW/US 09/13/12 Webinar Slide Deck: Maximizing Digital/Social Value in Agency New Business

Want to learn what social media platforms other agencies are using most, how often they’re using them and what techniques they’re using to increase their social media presence? Or how about a few real-world examples of how RSW/US new business directors are using social media to break through to prospects? That’s what RSW/US Director of [...]

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