Proactive Prospecting + Inbound = Agency New Business Success

RSW/US Webinar: The Secret to Successful Inbound

The explosively rapid adoption of Inbound methods creates for Agencies the twin challenges of differentiation and saturation.

Agencies have well-established systems in place for other priorities in their firms.

The same discipline is important for managing agency new business through a holistic new business process that incorporates both inbound and outbound components.

Proactive Prospecting + Inbound = Agency New Business Success is a webinar based on talks given by RSW/US executives at key industry events over the past few weeks, including HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015.

Join RSW/US Owner & President, Mark Sneider, in this webinar as he presents how a three-step process your firm already employs for clients can generate quantifiable results for your agency new business program as well.


Proactive Prospecting + Inbound = Agency New Business Success

Getting Closer to Close – RSW/US Counsel on Winning New Business Webinar

Annual surveys conducted by RSW/US consistently report year-after-year that what marketers want from agencies, (during their first meeting and throughout the new business process) and what they actually get, are two different things.

With so many steps along the path from the first meeting with a prospective new client to winning their business, how do you keep from straying off-course?

In this webinar, RSW/US Owner and President Mark Sneider discusses very specific actions your agency should take during each phase of the prospecting process – starting with initial preparation and leading all the way through to the steps necessary to effectively move a meeting to close.

Slide Deck Available here.

Getting Closer to Close – RSW/US Counsel on Winning New Business Webinar

RSWUS Agency of the Future Webinar–Does your Firm Have the Traits for Survival?

You’ve noticed: the advertising and marketing industry is in a period of evolution. New challenges seem to develop every day. Along with them, however, emerge new opportunities.

In this webinar, RSW/US President & Owner Mark Sneider describes eight traits your agency needs to grow, in light of ongoing change.

Mark will:

• Identify and describe each trait.
• Explain the data behind each.
• Offer steps your firm can take to Future-Proof itself.

Slide deck available here:

RSWUS Agency of the Future Webinar–Does your Firm Have the Traits for Survival?

2015 New Business Tools Webinar

Agencies and marketing service firms provided insight on the effectiveness of a wide variety of new business tools they use to support and grow their business. Learn what tools they’re using and how it can help your agency.

In this webinar, RSW/US Director of Business Development, Lee McKnight Jr. discusses:

• One of the most important tools – that may not be getting enough attention.
• The most popular tools and how to use them most efficiently.
• The tools and technology that are increasing most rapidly in use.

2015 marks the third year that Mirren and RSW/US have collaborated on the New Business Tools Survey and Report.

See what agencies said in 2015. Learn what’s changed, and what new offerings have arrived in the mix.

Slide deck available here.

RSW/US 2015 Agency New Business Tools Webinar

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In this February 25, 2015 agency new business webinar, Mark Sneider, Owner/President of RSW/US, shares findings from our 2015 New Year Outlook Survey, which was sent to both Marketers and Agencies. This was the first time we asked Marketers and Agencies to describe the MOST TROUBLING TREND they see about each other.

Frustration and tension came through clearly in the responses. Among the highlights of the webinar:

• Insights on what to expect through the balance of 2015
• Feedback from Marketers and Agencies
• Frustrations exhibited on both sides of the fence
• Opportunities that can be bred from this “tension”

Slide Deck available on the RSW/US SlideShare page here.

RSW/US 2015 Webinar: Frustration Breeds Opportunity – Tensions between Agencies and Marketers


Slide deck

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RSW/US Webinar-Agency of the Future and Implications for Marketing Agencies

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“The RSW/US Thought Leader Survey Webinar— Where social fits into your agency new business program today.” 9/25/13

In the 4th webinar of our RSW/US Summer series, RSW/US Director of Business Development Lee McKnight Jr gives three reasons why your agency should stop using social for agency new business and dig deeper into findings from our 2013 RSW/US Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report.

Lee also touches on questions asked by thought leaders Michael Gass and Jay Baer from our survey, on topics including SlideShare and why it can be so helpful to your agency new business program, and how the newly expanded LinkedIn profile pages work and can add another layer to your new business program.

And finally, Lee addresses specific responses and questions from agencies relating to social and content and the realities of their place within a complete, and successful, new business program.

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Slide deck on RSW/US Slideshare page.

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Getting To Close

Getting To Close