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RSW/US: What We Do

RSW/US is an outsourced lead generation/business development firm that only services marketing organizations (e.g. advertising, PR and digital). We help you:

• deliver qualified, high-interest prospect meetings

• better position your agency “brand” in the marketplace

• create a more consistent stream of new business

• facilitate the close



RSW/US Latest Survey

New 2011 RSW/US New Year Outlook Report!

Learn what clients and agencies think about the economy, its impact on their business, and their outlook for the coming year.

Download the New 2011 RSW/US New Year Outlook Report " here



Latest News


RSW/US a Tristate Award Winner, second year in a row

RSW/US picked as a 2011 Emerging Winner in the Tristate Succes Awards.

Founded on the premise that the Tristate's strength as a thriving business center is built on the growth and success of its businesses, the Tristate Success Awards will honor the most successful and consistent public, private and emerging companies in the Tristate.



Direct and digital job market sunnier than other industries

The US economy has improved since 2009, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment was at a 16-year-high. However, industry experts are not ready to rapidly expand payrolls just yet.

“We should be cautiously optimistic,” said Lee McKnight Jr., director of business development at RSW/US. “Unemployment is starting to go down, but it is still in the early stages. Companies still need to be careful about scaling up headcounts.”






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Agency New Business Blog Current Survey

Ad Agency New Business: Just Forget Your Social Media ROI

Okay, don’t literally forget it, but center your expectations around awareness and you’re going to be much happier. The ROI will come.

An article this week from eMarketer about brands not concerning themselves so much with the specific ROI of social media but instead placing the value on insights and loyalty, shed some light on what this might mean for ad agency new business.

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